TEXHA production association is one of the basic producers of fabricated zinked mesh, panelized guarding system in Russia and CIS countries. Furthermore, the company is well known among consumers of cellular equipment for Industrial poultry and pig farming.

Since the foundation of the company and till now we value our business reputation, therefore we regularly upgrade the quality of our work, improve professional skills of our staff and technical facilities, invest our intellectual, financial and production resources into development and invention of our product. We extensively develop partnership relations with enterprises both in Russia and other countries.

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Metal fence and guarding 

Making decision with regard to fence construction it would be rather well to take into account all details in order to be satisfied in future with price-quality trade-off. If you would like a fence at short notice and at reasonable price, so that herewith it would be serviceable so you have to be inclined to the choice of iron fence. Chemists and steelworkers affirm that pure iron is not almost used by a man since it extensively oxidizes at humidity under action of high temperature. Furthermore, it is supposed that well known Indian iron pillars for which the scientists constantly debate are more like iron alloy rather than pure iron. Iron allows are integral part of human life, beginning from household items to familiar global masterpieces such as the Trans-Siberian main railway line, the Eiffel Tower, the Brooklyn Bridge etc.

Such iron alloy as steel and its varieties are widely used. Steel undergoes rolling process in factory and obtains needed pattern. Mill products are made of steel which are of sheet, bright and shaped profiles. Product of these profiles is used in different areas including construction of fence and guarding. Gates, doors, fence sections are items of profile roll stock. Items of square, circular sections etc. are bar sections and such items are used for grill guarding and fence. T-beam girders, angle bars, channel bars and other are referred to shape steel-rolled stock and are used for supports and buck stays.

Structural solutions

First of all fence is assigned for protection from unauthorized penetration to house, actually it is built for purposes of security, safety of property, health. Furthermore, fence shall be structured in accordance with style and design of the yard and house.

Modern advanced technologies, rich by experience and achievements allow solving established tasks, building reliable and herewith attractive constructions. Such constructions are modular and welded. Kit of fixing fasteners with the use of special tool for assembly and disassembly is used for modular constructions. Construction variants are selected depending on workflow period and mounting location.

All-metal constructions and combination constructions are also used for fence and guarding. Screw bearings are simple and comfortable in application. Use of screw bearings allows cutting installation time of guarding as well as it is a single variant in case if soil is weak at mounting location. Screw piles are widely used for installation of extended fences, such as guarding of underground lines and railway lines. Such fence is made as extended horizontal line. The distance between vertical pillars may be increased, since screw-jack props are safely wedged in soul which provides guarding stability.

Fence sheets are connected with the help of mounting element and rivet. 

Guarding on pile bents is a very stable structure. Due to screw piles fences at sloping lots may be installed herewith without any complications. Just screw bearings allow mounting fences and constructions at the lots with high-positioned ground waters. Such screw piles don’t change ground structure during installation and can be used several times.    

Iron guarding is also installed in balconies, stairs, recessed balconies etc. More often such guarding is made as laced design constructions. However, first of all such guarding serves as protection and safety next it is element of design and interior decoration. Therefore, the level of reliability of such constructions is of the first priority.

How to protect the metal from corrosion?

Steel fence and guarding are the most cost-effective and at the same time serviceable. In addition, they are mounted at short notice. However, such fences shall be protected from corrosion and the best protection method is painting zincing. Cold galvanizing is applied in field conditions, it is inexpensive sputtering process of zinc paints at steel constructions and the hot one is possible to produce only in factory. HD Galvanizing process allows zinc “alloying” in steel, soldering acid covers steel construction in-and-out.

Fence is possible to paint with oil-bound paint or powder paint. Corrosion paint is also produced, it is reacted with metal oxides and forms protective layer.

Iron fence is reliable and serviceable particularly if it is mounted with the use of advanced technologies from
sound material and well protected from corrosion. Such fence will serve for about thirty years and it means that you will be sure of your security and will be satisfied with guarding quality. Mainly your expenses herewith will be minimal.